Well, That’s Just Great

I’m stranded in a mall.

You see, my when my mom was picking me up from school, our tire popped and deflated in 3 seconds flat. Worse of all, I have a school band practice later on. (Okay, I’m not that nerdy – we’re just going on a 4-day trip on Sunday and we are trash.) So then my mom called my dad but he got real salty and hung up on her and wouldn’t pick up the phone. And then I was like: Now what?

We were also late in picking up my sister at school. She probably think we forgot about her. :/ And she has a dance class almost immediately after.

Yeah, my luck is just great.

Then, we saw a family friend. The son goes to the same school as me and the daughter goes to the same one as my sister. They picked us up and went to grab my sister and bring her to dance. Then, they left us at a mall to wait. I actually like malls. Except for the fact that today was our track meet and I’m stuck in this sweaty outfit. And it was incredibly awkward. I mean, I went to a mall with a guy. Do you see what this implies? Also, I think he hates me. He doesn’t talk at all.

And that is where my story ends. At least there was wifi 🙂



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