My Irrational Fear

I am absolutely terrified of spider webs. Not the spider, the web.

It isn’t that I’m afraid of it, only that… actually, I think there’s no better word. Just the fact that it’s some sticky substance that attracts flies and dirt makes me cringe. Maybe it’s because I’m a bit of a germophobe… except I’m not.

I’m not even scared of spiders, even though I make SUCH a huge deal about it. I even held a tarantula before. I VOLUNTEERED to hold that tarantula. I just see spiders as something black and gross with too many legs. It’s just a more disgusting version of a fly. Except it can’t fly (thank god it can’t).

Once I was showering (oh look! a shower story!). It started off as a pretty normal shower – I was cursing myself for using so much shampoo, I was comtemplating life, I was using up all the hot water. It couldn’t be any LESS normal. That is, until I spotted it. Right in the corner of my eye. A stray piece of spider web was slowly drifting it’s way across the bathroom, heading straight towards me.

At that moment, I panicked. Not only there was my mortal enemy coming for me, but also I was naked, meaning that that piece of web would actually touch my bare skin. I wanted to move out of the way, but I could only stare at that small sticky piece floating in the air. And it was coming closer. And closer. And closer.

That was when I realized that oh my god, I had to move. So right when it was about to hit me, I moved out of the way and the web made its home right on my bathtub floor. I was still terrified that I’d touch the web, but at least I was finally safe.

So why am I scared of spider webs? I have no idea. After all, it is an irrational fear. 😛

What are your irrational fears? Comment below, and don’t forget to smile today! ❤



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12 thoughts on “My Irrational Fear”

  1. I don’t like the spiders unless they are really small and black or tarantulas. I don’t mind being close to a spider web unless there’s a spider or insects on it. I’m scared of worms. There are tons of them during/after the rain, and I feel incredibly grossed out! xD I walk really slow when I know there are worms everywhere, because I’m dead scared to step on one!


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