Sometimes on this bed I lie,
Eyes open, with a heaving chest.
Although as tired as I may be.
I cannot let myself relax.

So while my mind is still in a whirl,
I recall my trying day.
Then I wonder what will become of me,
And how I can walk and talk with ease,
But lack the will to close my eyes –
And let my body simply rest.

My thoughts overwhelm me
As I think about the world.
How did it come to be this way?
How will it be tomorrow?

There is a furnace in my soul,
Burning as bright as fire.
But in the darkness, it grows cold,
And my eyes will not close.

I could climb the highest mountain,
And sail the stormiest sea,
But yet, I don’t have enough strength,
To simply fall asleep?

Then outside I see the sun,
Rising above the Earth.
I see the stars fading away
And houses lighting up.
As I finally pull the blankets
Up towards my face.
Effortlessly closing my eyes,
And simply falling



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professional cat

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