Bunny Butt Creations :P

Today me and my sister went to someone’s house for a cooking class. Or at least that’s what I thought it was going to be. You see, I thought it’d be more of a professional gathering with some of my mom’s friends from work. Instead, it was more of a social party full of little kids and loud Asian moms. God, it was so boring, but at least the food was good. 🙂

Today was also the day where I saw my first mouse. But it was dead (it got stuck in a mouse trap). So the first real mouse I ever saw outside a zoo was one that just got itself killed. :/

But I’ve got to say, the mouse was SO CUTE! It was so small and it looked so fake. I almost thought it was a toy. It’s nose was like a small pink button and it’s eyes were so black and lifeless like coal. And it’s fur…

Spare us from all the poetics, Kitty. You’re just going to embarrass yourself.

Anyways, we made a lot of food. (No kidding.)



( ↓↓ get out of your reader to watch the slideshow below ↓↓ 😀 )

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That’s about it for now. How was your day?



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