If Only

When we were all young
Happy and carefree
Without a single care in the world?

When we would spread our wings
And let the wind carry us
Wherever it decided to
And we would not complain
But only laugh at the simple pleasures
Of life?

But so much has changed
And I can only say how much I wish
For life to be as it was
For life to be frivolous all over again
If only


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professional cat

11 thoughts on “If Only”

  1. If only there was a way to relive those moments,
    If only there was a secret tunnel to the past,
    If only there was a chant to land in the same place,
    If only we knew that nothing was ever going to be the same.

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  2. I was just listening ‘I’ll be home for Christmas’ even thought it’s way past Christmas and then it went ‘if only…’ and I saw you post which said if only as well 😂 okay gonna go and actually read your post now 😊 x

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