Bean Boozled!

Today, me and 2 other friends decided to (finally!) try Bean Boozled. Yeah… you can probably guess where this is going… XD

Anyways, we each took one of every color and it was HORRID. I FUCKING GOT VOMIT FLAVOR! D:


It was so bad, I was coughing and dying and there were tears in my eyes and my friends were just sitting there laughing their heads off at my expression. But then, Karma kicked in and soon after, the roles were switched around I was the one laughing because  watching people suffer is a pastime of mine. 😛

However, on the bright side, nothing else was really as bad. And I actually liked the toothpaste flavor… it tasted deliciously minty 🙂

Has any of you tried Bean Boozled? Comment below your experiences!

*Also, we made it to over 100 followers! Thank you guys so much!

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26 thoughts on “Bean Boozled!”

  1. Congrats for 100 followers!
    And oh my godness, it sounds like a challenge, I’ll try them one day. xD It looks so funny!


  2. Oh my god me and my friends did this one lunch time and I swear to god i got every bad flavour in that box! They all got the nice ones and i was left for the rest of the day with a taste in my mouth that felt like I’d just swallowed a load of soil. My experience was bad… x


    1. Thanks! And sorry for the late reply… my laptop broke -_-
      -Be patient! Followers don’t happen overnight. Blogging is an experience, meaning that mistakes are meant to be made. The longer you blog, the better you’ll be at it!
      -Blog about things you like: there are no limitations, after all, your blog is YOUR blog, not anyone else’s. Don’t be scared to post and never get discouraged!
      Also an amazing quote from one of my friends: “Blogging should NEVER feel like a chore.” I say this because you shouldn’t blog because others want you to, but because YOU do.
      So to summarize this lengthy comment: Ignore the haters! The sky’s the limit!
      Good luck!

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  3. ////when you said karma kicked in, i thought you literally meant my favorite fictional character coing out of nowhere and kicks you friends–
    never tried bean tho 😛

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  4. I FEEL YOU. Vomit tastes disgusting. Did you try stinky socks yet? never trying that challenge again. -_-
    Congrats on 100 followers, you really deserve it 😀

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