20 Animals To Brighten Up Your Day

Too cute for you!

When you're having a hard time finding a reason to smile, all you gotta do is look at a corgi.

Or a cat having a grand ol' time in a paper bag.

Don't forget about the little guys too, like this buddy who is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand!

Cheer up, pal. This kitten can't let you be down in the dumps for even another minute.

So get your game face on, like this pupper.

Or this bunny who is smaller than this bushel of bananas.

Get some good sleep and gear up to conquer tomorrow like the hero you are!

Do you need a reason to enjoy this tiny kitten?



Let's not forget about the precious hamsters of the world.

And the cats who enjoy laying with their tummies up.

Speaking to The Dodo, NAAS curator Allison Hedgecoth said that the animals' traumatic start to life has created a lifelong bond.

Alert, alert, baby bunny in someone's hand!!!!!!!!

Sound the secondary alarms, there's a scruffy puppy gazing into your soul!

Sometimes you just need to happily gaze upon small kittens.

Because all of these cuties JUST MAKE US HAPPY.

And let this dog in a kerchief give you chuckle.

And sometimes we just need to sit back and appreciate them in all of their adorable glory.

So let this cat give you a smile.

Feeling better yet?




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