I’m back from yet another dance rehearsal. Thank God we didn’t have to have make-up this time. Now I’m so tired. -.- My legs are covered in bruises.

At least I got Tims!! Time to roll up the rim and see if I won…

I didn’t 😦

I had to walk around the mall just to get to Tim Hortons with my bun I was wearing for dance. And I was wearing glasses.

ballet buns + full rim glasses = the weirdest look ever

I’m also at this point where I can (finally!!!) go en pointe in dance. But now that I can, I don’t want to…


  1. lots of PRACTISE
  2. PAIN
  3. blistered feet
  4. more practise
  5. more pain
  6. so many blisters
  7. will probably hate it for the reasons above

but then there’s that small part of me that still wants to


also some stress doodles:


I can literally imagine me swearing at myself in this pic







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10 thoughts on “Exhausted”

  1. Yay, congrats! Have fun on pointe.
    Uhhh. I’m not going to do well when I start. And have blisters on my feet is not going to help me in track…
    I’m probably not going to start any time soon though. I’m not ready technique-wise.
    And cool doodle!


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