Dance Struggles ARGHHHH

I just came home from a dance rehearsal and ARGHHHHHHHHH

warning: spaz post coming up

So it all started when I was going to be late. I was desperately trying to put on my tights and leotard (you’d think I’d be used to it by now). My mom was doing my hair and makeup (it was a dress rehearsal) and she was like: “As soon as you’re finished, wash off the makeup or else you’ll add to your already pimply face.”

My face is actually pretty clear (or so I think…)

And then she was doing the makeup all wrong and I was like: “NEXT TIME I’M DOING IT MYSELF”

Maybe I’m being a tad dramatic but whatever.

And although I was supposed to leave 20 minutes earlier, for some reason I wasn’t late. (yay!)

And then everyone was freaking out because we ALWAYS get the weirdest costumes. One person joked saying that the next time, we’ll have to be clowns in a clown costume. Except well… that actually happened once. :/ But when we had to take off our leotards, everyone started freaking out even more. Change in front of everyone? No thanks. XD

Then, after practising our dance a while, we had to go perform it in front of the person who ran the dance school, who was scary AF. And after we performed, she was like: “you girls are very odd”

Yeah, thanks.

And now I’m scared to drink out of my water bottle because I have lipstick on. And even though I washed it off, my lips still feel… lipsticky.




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16 thoughts on “Dance Struggles ARGHHHH”

  1. I FEEL YOU! I go dancing as well and doing a dance show is always so stressful. If i mess up in the dress rehearsal i get so nervous for the real thing. The lipstick we have to wear at dance things also makes me afraid to drink and eat. Do you have to wear blue eyes hadow or is that just where i dance? You sound like a pretty awesome dancer though and i wouldn’t listen to the person in charge (all though you may want to some of the time!) you’re probably a great dancer and not at all odd. – Jess x


    1. Thanks for the compliment! 🙂 Yeah, dance shows are really stressful and it’s nice to know that someone knows how it feels. And sometimes I have to wear special colored eyeshadow but normally, it’s just a dark brown color so our eye really stands out underneath.

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