Life Decisions with Kitty – Braces

I have to make a decision that affects the rest of my life…

(pfft you probably already guessed it from the title xD)

Anyways, should I get braces? My dentist said that because my molars or whatever are fine, it doesn’t really matter. But I still want perfect teeth D:

What do I do? (Please don’t tell me that it’s my choice and I should do what I want because if I already knew what I wanted, I wouldn’t have posted about this)

And for people with braces, comment below your experience!




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15 thoughts on “Life Decisions with Kitty – Braces”

  1. My sister said they hurt when you chew for the first 2 weeks or so it’s different for most ppl. I think it takes 2 years until you can finally take them out. Between that, you have to change braces every week or 2 or something like that. R ur teeth REALLY crooked, or what?


  2. I think that not being perfect is a good thing if you like it, if it makes you who you are. Look at that RIMMEL makeup model with the huge front teeth with spaces she’s gorgeous. I forget her name but her dad is like Rolling Stones lead singer I think. Remember, braces change the way your facial bones are. I got braces in 7th grade. They rly don’t hurt at all just a day or 2 after adjustments. My teeth had a crazy space issue and now they are perfect but it has changed my face shape a little. If you look in the mirror and see YOU that’s all that matter’s

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  3. Go for it! I had braces for two years and I’m not going to lie, it was at times painful but it was really really worth it. I thought my teeth were pretty straight before I got mine and it was mainly my back teeth, too, but you can see such a difference after!!!!

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  4. Definitely get braces! I’ve had braces for a month and so far they are okay, but one of my friends got her braces off today and her teeth look amazing!! So the consequences of braces are definitely worth it 😀

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      1. Well you don’t need to brush after every meal (just brush normally but yeah you do have to use a little brush thing to get out food that’s stuck) and my orthodontist told me that I only have to floss 2-3 times a week. Honestly, doing all this is just so when you get your braces off, your teeth aren’t yellow-ish and have cavities.


      2. Yeah not really. And yeah you do two maybe three (one in the afternoon) but also it doesn’t really matter if you brush your teeth once or something – it won’t destroy your teeth (coming from friend who got her braces off).


  5. I’m trying to make this decision too. It’s heavy in my mind and I can’t seem to decide because the dentists all say my teeth is messy but I don’t actually need them. It’s always: “if you want nice teeth, then get it. It’s up to you.”
    I wish I just got a clear answer.


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