I’m So Clumsy.. xD

Today at school, my friend Izzy and I had a hot chocolate sale!

I regret my terrible planning

It actually went out pretty well, we made around $75 in profit. But then, we messed up a bit. One of the teachers helped us with it, although it was a bit awkward. She brought a huge tub of hot water that we would scoop into the individual cups. But I’ve got to say, it was pretty smart. We had a huge line and I don’t think we would’ve been fast enough if we had to boil the water every single time we ran out.

But then, of course, I had to spill one of the cups.

And I dropped a bunch of coins.

And there was this one girl who demanded a refund because we added marshmallows into her cup (which I swear, she asked for it)

But in the end, it was pretty good.

I also had a fitness test today and I regret not getting a longer time on my plank. And not trying for more pushups. And slowing down on my situps (we had to see how many we could do in a minute). But it wasn’t so bad. (In fact, I did pretty well :D) What I am dreading is the mile run. People are like good legs mean good running, right? But NOOOOO. Last time I got 10 minutes D:

Anyways, I’ll end this here and if you really bothered to read all of this, you get a high five!

//high fives




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