Story Game!

Hey guys, I’m bored so why not play a game?

The rules are simple: I’ll start off with a sentence and someone adds another one to it. Then after a while, it will become a story!

//that probably makes no sense


My sentence: Jimmy decided to eat an apple.

The next person’s sentence: Unfortunately, there was a worm inside it.

The next-next person’s sentence: The worm zapped Jimmy with his supernatural powers and turned him into a cow.


So my sentence:

As Matt looked out his window, he was shocked to find a big purple whale dancing on the sidewalk.

So now someone else comments below the next sentence!

And then the next

And the next

Well, I think you get the point, right?



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13 thoughts on “Story Game!”

      1. The girl’s face twisted into an ugly frown and he paused, suddenly nervous to approach the dog, who lifted up it’s head from the doughnut, revealing it’s true face


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