Prompt Me!

We have to write a short story for school about anything we want but I have no ideas.

It can only be five paragraphs and needs a theme or moral.

So any ideas? You can prompt me with words, topics, phrases or pictures. 😀

Thanks ❤


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5 thoughts on “Prompt Me!”

  1. Procrastination?
    Team work/ hard work?
    No more bullying?

    You could probably just choose a topic your interested in such as fiction books or picture books.

    Remind yourself of one of your favorite books and think about the moral of the story.

    For example, in Romeo and Juliet, the moral could be that love is a strong force or that love can make people do things that can tear them apart. (I am not the best at finding morals and themes. xD )

    If you can find the moral/theme in the story, you can come up with a moral or theme for your short story. xD


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