Nighttime Adventures with Grace the Cat

Yesterday, my life was actually interesting 😀 It went something like this…

Once upon a time, there once was a girl named Grace, who was actually half cat. (woah!!!) On Tuesday, her day was very boring (except for maybe the part where she learned how to whip and nae nae in gym class. Oh, and also someone stuck a pad on the door to a washroom stall). After school, her day just got even worse. At her string orchestra practise, she realized that not practising didn’t do her any good and that she probably messed up the entire group. In fact, she could almost swear that the girl that sat next to her was dying due to her awful playing. Nothing good was happening to her life.

After practise, her dad led her (and her sister) to an underground parking lot, where her car was. When going down the stairs, she shivered at the thought of last class, where there was a (probably drunk) guy who kept babbling about something.But then she quickly dismissed that thought by remembering about how she really messed up the practise.

When they (finally) went down to their car, something was wrong. The car couldn’t turn on and the batteries were probably dead. The worst part was that it was late and the doors to the parkade lock at 11pm. So… (not knowing what to do), Grace (the cat) sat there bored while her dad stared at his phone. There was also an acappella group singing outside their car like in Pitch Perfect.

At the end, they agreed that it was the best to just leave their car there and get a mechanic later, or else they might get trapped inside. So they took a taxi and went back home. Grace’s dad said that she’d probably have to go on the bus tomorrow, which horrified her because then, she’d have to wake up early and walk outside in the cold. But then…


She says… “I HAVE A FRIEND WHO’S A MECHANIC!!!!!!” (in chinese, of course) and then somehow, they get the car fixed just before 11pm and yay! Grace doesn’t have to wake up early anymore! (priorities on point 😛 )

The end 😀



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