Fangirl Fandoms Blog Review

Check out the blog here!

Theme: 10/10

I like this theme a lot! It really suits the mood and it makes your blog seem a lot more “readable”.

Appearance: 7/10

I like how it looks in general, although the background looks a bit plain and well … gray. Your logo really cute and fits the theme. I also suggest getting a header, although it may clash with the logo, so it’s really your choice.

Widgets: 9.5/10

I really like your widgets! My only suggestion is to decrease the number of posts displayed in the “top posts” section, if possible. It takes up space and might even look better with less (maybe 5 or so?).

Posts: 7.5/10

Your posts are really interesting! I suggest breaking the posts into smaller paragraphs to make it more readable. For example, instead of writing everything in one long paragraph, break it up into five shorter ones to avoid readers skipping over your posts. You can also add some pictures although I don’t do that either so I can’t really judge xD

Pages: 9/10

I like your pages and they’re really organized and creative. Although some pages don’t have a comment section so maybe you can fix that.

Overall: 8/10

Your blog is great! Keep it up!



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3 thoughts on “Fangirl Fandoms Blog Review”

  1. Thanks!
    I made the background gray cuz I wanted it to match the logo (gray background) but it had a pattern, I guess people couldn’t see it. :\ I don’t really want a header since it really just takes up more space, and with this theme, the header doesn’t go where I would want it. I’d put pictures in my posts (but I’m lazy) so I guess I’ll work on it a little; and as for the long paragraphs, I just put it that way because I guess each paragraph has its own set of “details” that pull it together, although if nobody reads them, then I guess I could break it up. Personally, I don’t like to scroll through and read 2 sentence paragraphs. xD And do you know which pages don’t allow commenting? (I think WP made it so you have to manually click “allow comments” before publishing a page; it’s so annoying, but I’ll go check it out. Again, thanks!

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