Seven Sentence Story

At school, we had to write a paragraph using, at least, five of our new vocabulary words (bolded) from our novel study. (The Maze Runner ❤ <3) The assignment itself is fine, except for the fact that we have to write it all in five to seven sentences, and if you know me, I can’t write a proper paragraph (or short story, in my case) in only seven sentences. It’s due on Friday and this is what I have so far (I’ll probably end up rewriting the entire thing):

As soon as he stepped into the old, haggard house, Jacob knew that he made a mistake. It wasn’t like him to sneak into someone else’s house like this, but he wasn’t just about to chicken out in front of Logan McGee, the cruel bully who got him into this predicament in the first place. But that doesn’t mean he wasn’t afraid. Armed with just a dim flashlight, Jacob had no choice but to continue walking, the floorboards creaking menacingly with each step. Jacob peered around, shivering when he glanced at the portraits on the wall; their malicious eyes followed him, glowering as he walked. Finally, at the very end of the long, twisting hallway was a door. As Jacob neared the door, he reached out a shaking hand, ready to open it and discover the secrets that this house held.



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