I had a dream that my parents were yelling at me because I swore. Then, we had to get on a bus, but it was actually evil and lots of people fell off and died.

Then, my dad suddenly changed to some hot celebrity with Godzilla’s body and a lightsaber appeared in my hands and then I was supposed to kill him.


The scene changed and I was on a mountain with the entire Walking Dead cast and were fighting big blobs of shadow.

And I’m just like: But I don’t even watch that show!

But that’s not all!

After the fight (we won), I walked to this mall (with my lightsaber still in my hand) and was about to slaughter a vampire because apparently, he killed me in a previous life.

But before that could happen, I woke up.

The end!

All hail my glorious imagination!



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professional cat

8 thoughts on “Dreaming…”

      1. oh wow
        once I had a dream about me on this roller coaster with this other guy I saw at this midway sort of thing
        it was going upside down and there were no seatbelts
        all that time, his hands were up and he was shouting WHOOO!!!
        or maybe that was me…

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