I’m Back!

Finally back from a ten day trip to California! Currently, I’m freezing to death.

Actually, I’m still at the airport so I’m not that cold, but that’s not the point.

Anyways, I still have to wait three hours before my flight arrives. At least, I have wifi and Tim Hortons. :^

I went to a couple of places but I got to say that the Disney California Adventure Park was the best. Honestly, Disneyland is overrated. I’d choose the Adventure Park over it anytime. We watched the musical version of Aladdin, which was amazing because, well, it’s Aladdin! It even had a Genie who made jokes about Donald Trump and a really hot Aladdin.

I love the idea of Universal Studios but there isn’t much to do there. The shows, though, were fantastic.

Now, I REALLY want to work in the entertainment industry when I grow up because I honestly don’t know what else I want to do more than that. But that probably won’t happen and even if it does, it takes a lot to become successful. and I’ll probably turn out to be as poor as a hobo.

Wow, that became dark fast.

Anyways, if you actually read down to the bottom, I hope that you had an amazing Christmas and will have an equally good New Years! Bye!



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