San Diego :D

Just arrived in San Diego yesterday! 😀

I know that everyone says this but…


Like WTF, why is this even allowed? I WANT PALM TREES IN CANADA.

Anyways, we went to the San Diego Zoo today, and I don’t think I ever enjoyed a zoo this much before in my life. My appreciation for animals have increased greatly. 😀

But if I had to choose the top 3 things from today, it would be these:

*Rated R

  1. There were two antelope like creatures doing the nasty. And I mean, the male was sticking its head up the female’s butt.
  2. A lion sprayed everyone with pee. Okay, didn’t actually see this, but I saw the pee stains and everyone around the exhibit was talking about it.
  3. A gorilla picked his nose and ate it. And also, there was another one who literally PULLED POOP OUT OF HIS BUTT AND INSPECTED IT. Then, he ate it.

Eheheh. I’m sorry but I had to. xD



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