Secret Santa

At school, we did a Secret Santa and today was the gift exchange day. It was so exciting because who doesn’t love gifts?

Turns out, my Secret Santa was from one of my friends, Izzy, and she gave me the best lotion ever, a fabulous and glittery card, and a $10 Karma Koin! (For those who don’t know, a Karma Koin is basically an online gift card.)

You can probably feel the happiness radiating off me.

I got my Secret Santa a Despicable Me minion stuffy. Well, it was actually a pillow but unless you sleep on the bulky goggle part…. I was actually a bit nervous to give it to her because you either love minions or hate it. Turns out, she was a fan and her reaction was great. 🙂

I hope we do this next year as well. 😀


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