I Have No Idea What To Name This

So today, I had a string orchestra performance (I play the violin). It was for this event called WinterFest. Along with my group, there were three other orchestras (Junior, Intermediate, and Senior – we were in the Singing Strings, the highest level).

Anyways, it was pretty good, although we had to watch the other groups perform, and if you know me, I have no patience. But the weirdest part was that I saw one of my classmates, who doesn’t seem like the violin type at all. In fact, he plays the trombone in the band, which a very un-violin like instrument.

Later, our group went on and played a couple of songs. After it was over, we did so well, the audience asked for an encore, so we decided to play Pirates of the Caribbean, which was the first song we played.

After the performance, my parents were rushing me because Grace, who plays the piano as well as the violin had a piano recital. But I did get a glimpse of another person from my school. I’m pretty sure he went to watch his friend, but I was still pretty shocked that he went. To be honest, I could not have the patience to watch an hour (and a half) long concert. Unless of course, it was a 1D concert. 😛

Well, the piano recital went pretty nicely, and apparently, someone in the first row forgot to breath during my performance. Or something like that. In fact, a random person congratulated me. 🙂 But I got to say the best part of that day was what came next:


-Grace, who is currently feeling very musical. And full.


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