Making my Teachers Proud

Hm… what’s the best way to procrastinate?

I know! Writing random stories with a certain friend named Izzy! (She works on my other blog.)

I am totally practising my writing skills, my English teacher will be proud.

Story #1

Once upon a time, there was a red pencil crayon. He was very mad at the humans because they kept on using him. They didn’t know how painful it was. And now, he was awfully short. One day, he decided to get revenge. He waited until his human started to sharpen him … again! Then, he flew out of his human’s hands and poked his human in the eye. The human screamed. It was very satisfying. The end.

Story #2

Once upon a time, there was a very unusual crayon with a colour similar to that of a golden poop. HOLY CRAYONSSSSS. He was sad because no one ever used him; people didn’t want poop on their paper soooooo 


Story #3

Once upon a time, there was an alien who loved crayons. He stole a pack from the Earthlings and started using it for everything. He would use it to brush his teeth (it turned his teeth yellow), used it to cook (his food tasted strange), and even used it to wipe his buttum (it was painful). But he was still really obsessed. One day, the crayons were tired of wiping his booty and they thought of a plan. They were going to run away! Unfortunately, while they were used as toilet paper, the alien accidently dropped them in the toilet and they got flushed away. It felt weird. The end.

Story #4

Once upon a time, there was a hedgehog who loved to rub his body against crayons. It was weird and perverted. The crayons were horrified. It was also pretty painful for them because like all crayons know, hedgehogs were full of spikey thingies. Then, the hedgehog realized that someone was writing his story and he realized how weird he was. So then he stopped, although sometimes he couldn’t resist when he was home alone. The end.

Story #5

Once upon a time, Grace wrote a story that didn’t start with once upon a time. You can read it below:

Time once upon a, there was a girl named Grace. She had a friend named Izzy. They like writing really strange stories about hedgehogs and crayons. Everyone loved them and their stories became famous. Not the end. They are still alive. You can meet them at their blog.


Our Thoughts

Izzy: Let’s post this!

Me: Yesss we should.

Izzy: Really? It’s weird.

Me: That’s why we should post this.

Izzy: Hehe, we’re going to gain so many followers. No regrets.

Me: //posts


Bow to our awesome writing skills. 😛



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